Why Does My Dog’s Invisible Canine Fence Collar Activate while in the Residence?

I have found there are quite a few reasons a invisible underground pet fence collar will activate within an location that it mustn’t. Quite possibly the most popular is often a stray signal off of the cable Television line http://www.doggybakery.org/age-can-train-puppy-invisible-dog-fence/. This takes place when the underground fence boundary wire piggy backs or operates along with the cable Television line for a lengthy length.

You’ll find other ways to repair this. The first matter I’d personally look at is how significant the fence signal area is, if it is larger than 6 feet (to put it differently the doggy fence receiver activates six feet from your underground wire)and your pet will not examination the fence there is certainly possibly room to show the sign subject down somewhat which will take care of the stray signal normally.

Within a more significant circumstance altering the field wont operate. I’d consider taking away the bottom with the pet fence. If this solves the challenge then the problem is from the typical floor concerning the doggy fence as well as the cable Television. To resolve this you simply need a new floor site for your pet dog fence. The simple point to try and do is put in a small floor rod outside the house the garage and fix the puppy fence ground into the rod. You’ll want to use a floor to the underground invisible canine fence if not your guarantee will be void.

If removing the ground in the pet dog fence transmitter didn’t clear up the trouble try and take away the cable Television set ground ordinarily positioned outside the house near the electric powered meter. If this solves the situation what really should be performed is the cable Television really should be re grounded where by it arrives in to the dwelling on the floor block. The bottom block is hooked up to your home where the outdoor underground cable Tv line satisfies the inside feed to the household and connected is actually a floor wire that runs on the electrical meter or shares the same ground rod because the the electrical meter. You must have got a cable Television floor it’s what safeguards your property from lightning hurt or hearth. I like to recommend to have the cable company do this or possibly a licenced electrician.

If this does not fix your stray signal challenge it is possible that it could be some thing placing off a signal just like your underground invisible doggy fence. It could be a cordless phone or a different variety of wi-fi machine, get a stroll close to your house with the dog fence collar and maintain it approximately just about anything you could possibly think could cause the condition and move it to a different site. The invisible brand fence corporation includes a wireless transmitter known as the invisible mask. This will remedy your pet fence stray signal problem as well. Most underground pet fencing includes a 7K sign or simply a 10K signal the mask has a change location for both of those. When you have Pet Secure, Innotek, or Radio Fence it’s more than likely being 10K any other manufacturer almost certainly 7K. The mask is designed to do the job with the invisible model but I’ve seen it function with most other brand names. The sole 1 I have discovered it never to do the job with is Doggy View brand name canine fencing. Visit my blog for brand new posts on invisible underground fence installation and repair troubleshooting tips.